Let’s start at the very beginning.

Let’s start with an introduction. I’m Katie, a 24 year old living and working in Inverness. I moved into the city two weeks ago, and relocated to the Highlands in September 2014. I am from Northumberland and before here I lived, studied and worked in Edinburgh for five years. I work within Student Engagement at Inverness College: UHI- a job which is both challenging but immensly rewarding. Apart from that, I have no idea what I’m doing with my life- but at least I have gotten this far.

Inverness Castle- my wonderful commute (on a sunny day)
Inverness Castle- my wonderful commute (on a sunny day)

I like woodburning stoves and wild beaches. I love Northumberland, its scenery and wildlife, however I am learning to love my new surroundings almost as much. I can’t eat cheese but I love eating cheese. I hate when my fingers go wrinkly in the bath. I’m not very good at being positive or optimistic, however I’m working on that.

After a change of circumstance, and a need to try and mend a shattered heart (vomit) I have decided to look into what makes me truly happy. I graduated with an MA (Hons) in Archaeology from the University of Edinburgh in 2013 and since then have volunteered throughout the sector and I’ve really missed that. I’m hoping that I can really get back into this again- and I’m lucky that one of my biggest inspirations in terms of getting out there and making things happen is one of my closest friends who is based up here (althought they have briefly moved away for work). I want to get involved with the archaeological community of Inverness and the Highlands, which seems incredibly active. I want to explore, walk, climb and photograph my beautiful surroundings on my iPhone and then go through all of the filters before remembering filters are stupid. This will be an amalgamation of walks, food, archaeology, lectures, student engagement and rants about not being able to eat cheese, and I’m hoping my little blog will provide some form of catharsis- so it doesn’t matter if no-one reads this!


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