Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy Consultation Meeting: 14/5/15 Eden Court, Inverness

I have just spent a rather pleasant evening in the beautiful Bishop’s Palace end of Eden Court (old building assimilated in with the newer glass building- do take a look if you haven’t been!) discussing the new Scotland’s Archology Strategy. The strategy has been drafted by the Scottish Strategic Archaeology Committee and is made up of representatives from across the sector. It pulls together 7 priorities to try and work to was an overall vision of showing that archaeology really does matter to everyone. Dr Rebecca Jones and Dr Lisa Brown from Historic Scotland led a workshop in which they went over the draft, and we were given a chance to discuss the points raised in their consultation form as well as a more open forum for ideas.

This gave me a great opportunity to meet some of the local archaeology enthusiasts. I have now made contact with the North of Scotland Archaeological Society (NOSAS) and am looking forward to joining some of their activities. I also met Matt Ritchie- archaeologist from the Forestry Commision who was involved in the Wolf Brother Forestry Commision Scotland Educational resource which I loved so much! I got to get vocal about my areas of interest and priorities surrounding issues of engagement, schools and curriculum, debating the idea of an archaeology higher (if anyone wants to pay me to write a scheme of work one day, you know where I am!) as well as listening to the priorities of others who are more focused on the care and protection of our historic environment. It was great to meet so many friendly people and this opportunity provided a good way for me to really re-engage with archaeology and realise how much I’ve missed it.

I really recommend everyone who has any interest in archaeology has a read. I don’t think it is full of jargon, on the contrary I see it as quite accessible to those within and outside the profession, and it is not a long document. The DRAFT STRATEGY is now out for consultation and you do not have to answer all of the questions, just provide any feedback you have. This is our chance to have a say!

In other news, the walk to Eden Court was absolutely stunning today in the evening sunshine.  My secret path was lovely in the sunshine, however was not so lovely trying to walk back up the steep hill after 2 and a half hours of consultation! 



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