Rowing and Running

So it has been a week since the last post. One whole week. Which is a great thing. Time is passing quicker than I imagined and with each day it’s easier to be positive and optimistic.

Work has been hectic and busy. Friday saw our Annual Engagement Visit (kind of like an Ofsted visit) to feedback on how we are doing as a college in our engagement activities and as the Student Engagement Officer I was quite heavily involved in some of the observation and discussion sessions.

Rowing on the Caledonian Canal
Rowing on the Caledonian Canal

This stress and tension was quickly dissipated by a rowing taster session I organised for students across the UHI partnership. It was so great to be outdoors and doing something active with new people. The Inverness Rowing Club were great and organised a lovely afternoon for us. We started on rowing machines working on our techniques (realising that how we do it in the gyms is very wrong!) before getting out onto the water in an 8 person boat. It was very relaxing once you got into the rhythm and timing and would be something I would like to repeat again. We were also extremely lucky with with weather!

Ness Islands in the morning. Very beautiful and tranquil.
Ness Islands in the morning. Very beautiful and tranquil.

I have signed up for the Run for Colour in aid of Highland Hospice at the start of July and have begun running to train for this. I have had two knee operations as the result of a displaced tibial and fibular shaft fracture in my leg after being hit by a vehicle in 2009. However, I am doing a lot of yoga and exercise to strengthen my knee and am enjoying running. It is relaxing and takes my mind off things- and I have discovered some really beautiful places to run in Inverness (mostly on Ness Islands).

I have also started to look and apply for work in Edinburgh, with the aim to be in Edinburgh by the end of the summer. I helped a friend and work colleague paint some of her new house lastnight (ended up with more on me than the house…) and it made me realise that I need to start to pursue my happiness and follow what I want to do. I have decided I now have no control over my personal situation, and as a result have finally let it all go (the cold never bothered me anyway). My reason for moving here is now not my reason for being here, and I’d love to return to Edinburgh where I was at my happiest and my best. I want my own little flat with my own little space, surrounded by the places and people I love. However, it may take a while to get there. Please send me some good vibes!

I have written lists of my achievements (so I don’t forget) as well as my list of things I want to achieve and my dreams. It’s all horrendously cheesy, but it keeps me motivated. Some of my list includes climbing Ben Nevis, bagging some Munros and touch my toes. So expect blog updates on those soon!


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