Change and rambling (not the walking kind)

Writing has been put on the back burner these past weeks and as such this post doesn’t really have a point. It is more ‘Katie’s ramblings’. I’ve been busy baking archaeology cakes, winning (ah!) DigIt! 2015 competitions and excavating at Cromarty. I have had a lot of time for reflection this week, as I’ve experienced both periods of the happiest I’ve felt and the most stressed I’ve felt in the past few months.

Being outside and excavating has been a huge source of happiness for me. I’m good at it, I understand it and it’s something practical I can really succeed at. I love excavation, but I also love finds- and identifying and piecing together the artefacts from our past. It’s difficult not being able to completely immerse myself in excavation as I have another job, and this has been stressful at times.

I have realised that at this stage of my life, I’m ready to make a selfless, gutsy decision which concerns only my happiness- which I’m not very good at.  The past year has involved making a lot of change for other people, and actually I’ve ended up in a situation where I have lost the thing that made me the happiest, and the rest of my life which surrounded them falls short without their presence. So I decided to make a change. Today I left my job in Inverness, to try and give archaeology a go. It’s what I love, and actually (and I never admit this sort of thing) what I’m quite good at. I’m great at my current job, and have had great feedback, but it doesn’t fulfil me in the same way. It’s the first time I’ve felt like I’m making a terrifying yet ridiculously exciting choice to try and channel my passion and skills into a career I will possibly love. I’m aware that this is not easy. There is a huge possibility I won’t have a permanent job, if one at all. I will have to move. A lot. However, I’ve spent most of my life on the move and this does not phase me. I will have no money but I will hopefully be happy. And if this doesn’t pay off, I won’t have lost anything really. I will just have to find the reset button on my life and start again.

In other news, I’ve been enjoying baking again. I made an archaeology cake which won me a wee competition and I FINALLY have my own DigIt! 2015 pink Tshirt to wear every single day (when it arrives). I also made cake to bring to the Cromarty site and I actually let everyone eat it.

I feel so motivated, happy and refreshed. My non dairy diet is so great- I don’t feel constantly sick, or bloated, and it is helping me be more creative with my cooking and baking. I have also stopped having caffeine- I’ve never really been able to have caffeinated coffee but now I’ve also moved to decaffinated tea, which is usually peppermint or fruity rather than black tea. I’ve started to read in the evenings, curled up under my blanket with a warm drink, rather than watch Netflix- which is helping me sleep much better. I am trying to keep up with my yoga and running, but I’ve been a bit lax over the past two weeks. I have been excavating though which is almost a replacement! I think I need a super yoga session this evening though, to clear the head and make me feel like I’m actually doing something productive!


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