Looking back on what I have to show for this past month, it could be argued that I’ve had quite a quiet month: no writing, not much baking, no strange spontaneous travels or random musings. However, I am happy to report it could not be farther from the truth!

September is shaping up to be quite a nice month. I have always quite liked September for two reasons:

  • After years in education, September was always seen as a new start- full of the ideas that you were going to ‘do better’, ‘try harder’ or ‘stop going out on Sundays and show up to class on Monday at 9am, crying into a bag full of Gregg’s Steak Bakes’. I’m not sure any of my promises made to myself were sustained or kept- especially the last one- but it made me feel motivated, refreshed and good at the time.
  • September by Earth, Wind and Fire is one of my favourite songs of all time.

So I have now been an ‘archaeologist’ for over a month, living in Edinburgh for over a month- even though it doesn’t really feel like it as I am working away a fair bit. I am now driving daily through scary towns, on scary motorways, driving scary vans and making some pretty dodgy parallel parking decisions. However, for someone who never thought I’d be able to drive regularly because of a crippling fear, I am really proud of myself for doing this, and pleased that the fear is slowly disappearing.

Last month I entered a mini-DigIt! 2015 cake competition- which I am thrilled to announce I won (my own Lego figure, CD and FINALLY a fetching pink t-shirt).

My Lego figures. To the left is my new DigIt! lego figure and the right is my Lego figure I made in the Lego shop, Metro Centre.
My Lego figures. To the left is my new DigIt! lego figure and the right is my Lego figure I constructed in the Lego shop, Metro Centre.

As well as this, I featured among entries for the main DitIt! 2015 art competition, and my cake even got coverage on STV (crazy!). There is a new archaeo-cake competition based around the Staffordshire Hoard coming up- I am planning to enter but will have to see if I have the time.

September also marks the start of autumn which is my absolutely favourite time of year. In Autumn I can wear green and brown every day, bring out all of my woollen tights, and can wear really thick socks and legitimately complain about my constant need for a blanket or a hot water bottle. It also means I can make apple crumbles, eat tonnes of stewed fruit, go brambling and drink gallons of cocoa.

My first autumnal walk of 2015: Dundreggan, Glenmoriston. I hope for many more walks with crunch leaves, dresses, wooly tights and my battered brown boots.
My first autumnal walk of 2015: Dundreggan, Glenmoriston. I hope for many more walks with crunchy leaves, dresses, woolly tights and my battered brown boots.

I am enjoying spending what little time I have over the weekends in Edinburgh visiting places I love, or never quite made it to when at University, and catching up with my friends who are still there. This weekend I’m hoping to eventually catch the M. C. Escher Exhibition at the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art, and work through my ever growing list of cafes to visit. My new flat is in an area I have never lived before, and I’m not hugely familiar with, which means a lot of potential for exploring and eating cake.

I have also picked up some previous archaeology and outreach projects, which are giving me an outlet for all of my ideas, passion and enthusiasms about this sector. I’m not completing as much as I’d like at the speed I want, but I am slowly getting back into it, building my confidence and starting to produce a miniature ‘portfolio’ of my work. This will most likely be for my own records to keep track of my projects, as it is always nice to have success stories to look at when you are feeling a little rubbish about progress.

Anyway, I will probably have more to say about actually important things when I am less tired.


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