November: Conferences, Takeovers and Inspiration

November was busy. I’m not quite sure where it has gone (but at least this time it was amidst a a haze of conferences, career fairs and talks, not the vodka and Paul Simon haze of November 2013. And 2012). I had the pleasure of attending Historic Environment Scotland’s Our Place In Time Conference on the 5th- which was my first trip to Dundee and after walking past the V&A construction site in the rain, I promised myself I would return. This was a great chance to hear from professionals and volunteers from all different aspects of the historic environment- celebrating our first historic environment strategy Our Place In Time. Also we were offered some pretty amazing pastries and coffee in the morning which made for a great start to the day.

I also attended Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference, enjoyed listening to the tales of communities rising up and celebrating and sharing their heritage- often amidst an incredible amount of setbacks- showing just how resilient we really are when something we care about is threatened or neglected. I saw old friends and colleagues, and met some great new people. I also presented on my involvement in Scotland’s Urban Past Youth Forum in a 1 minute madness which was as exhilarating as it was terrifying.

My only photograph of the day! I was taking a live tweet vacation but was wearing a nice dress so was happy.


I ventured back to my Highland Family in Glen Moriston, to attend a DigIt! 2015 Your Future In The Past Career Mixer at Inverness Museum- an inspiring, engaging and dynamic discussion driven event between students, early career starters and professionals. Whilst assisting Scotland’s Urban Past with Twitter Takeover Day, where myself and Iona on the Youth Forum learned about effective management of social media channels for communication and got to take over the @ScotUrbanPast Twitter Feed, we also got to speak about our involvement in the Forum and Finding Your Opportunities at the Edinburgh Your Future In The Past career event.

Back of my head- working hard to finalise our talk before the DigIt! 2015 career event. Modelling my hot air balloon shirt. Trendsetter. (C) Bryony Jackson, Scotland’s Urban Past
Check us out looking all 19th Century- I am confused because my teacup is empty and I spent the last three photographs as a monocled tweed wearing man.





So, yes. Rather busy. In between all of this I dressed as a Victorian and drank Prosecco at NMS Lates, bought a Space Jam jumper and even ventured South of the Wall. We have started to watch VHS Videos in our flat which is glorious, especially when they have the TV adverts or my flatmates passive aggressive child handwriting has scribbled Golden Eye MISSING THE BEGINNING across the label.








I have an old school friend who has started to share her experiences of fibromyalgia in a rather excellent blog Bexposed. She was my inspiration to talk about mental illnesses earlier this year. The most recent post was about the use of a wheelchair and how she has embraced this as a new helpful addition to her life. The whole spirit of the blog post got me thinking about inspirational people and all of the positive things in the world you can surround yourself with- in a world where it is incredibly easy to focus on negativity. I returned to some old lists I wrote earlier this year, and was thrilled to see I’d achieved so much in these past few months.

In this very busy month, I felt I got a little lost in keeping up with all of the great things going on. If anything, the most important thing I’ve realised this month is to take that little time out for yourself: read, write, cook, bake, run, paint, sing- do whatever makes you happy. Be nice to people, be honest about your feelings (whether to others but most importantly yourself) and never ever feel guilty about eating cake or a whole pack of Jelly Babies- unless maybe that’s every day. My graduation tea was a bag of Jelly Babies on the sofa in my pjs, and it was magical. With the fear of sounding like that Sunscreen Song I’m going to stop, and yes I know I need to take more pictures.


I found some wintry photos on my laptop from ages ago, so look at those instead.






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