“Why Don’t You Write Me?” (Simon & Garfunkel: 1970)

It seems I have abandoned this blog for a few months! It has been an incredibly busy few months, and I kept promising myself to take the time out for myself and write more (whether for this blog, or poetry and the likes for myself).  Obviously this didn’t quite happen, but some other things did instead.

I have started a wonderful new job, where I’m constantly learning new skills and have the opportunity to assist in the delivery of some great archaeological projects. I moved into a lovely new flat with one of my closest friends- we may joke that we see each other less now that we live together than ever before, but I’m very lucky to have her as flatmate because (at the very, very least) she helped me learn You Can Call Me Al on the ukulele.”

I have also been travelling across the country (as per usual). I recently spent a wonderful week in Glenmoriston with a close friend, planning a birthday party for my favourite 11 year old (bouncy castle and everything) and going for walks with my favourite three-legged collie. I have spent some great weekends at home with my family in Northumberland which has given me a fantastic chance to relax and eat way too much!

I’m a member of a gym I rarely go to, I still eat way too much dairy, I am always worried about not having a hobby and get jealous of others’ holiday photos- I think the furthest I will travel this year is likely to be Fort William! But I also made a stripy cake, helped roll a massive bouncy castle down a hill and almost won the game where you get blindfolded and have to transfer as many cotton wool balls from one bowl to another using a teaspoon.


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  1. Glad to get the updates!


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