Festive Cheer (?)

Around the festive period last year, I published a short piece about how it is okay not to be okay over Christmas. There is a huge amount of expectation placed on everyone to have a good, fulfilling time. Financial and social pressures soar through the roof. Gatherings are often alcohol fuelled, and the food (although…


Today is #WorldSuicidePreventionDay. I feel compelled to share.   My depression worsened this year, and I didn’t tell anyone. During the past two months I’ve had a fair few blips, resulting in a breakdown in relationship and loss of someone very important. I spoke out, I told my closest friends and my family and now…

The pleasure of your own company 

I am in Iceland, Reykjavik to be precise, after a very spontaneous decision at the end of an incredibly difficult week.  I have always loved traveling, and for one reason or another I keep finding reasons not to. Visiting Iceland has always seemed like a dream to me, and at the lowest point I’ve been…


The room lays still and everything inside still with it. Sunlight ripples, a welcome intruder, a reminder that the world continues. But inside there is peace, finally a moment of rest. He lies quiet, consumed by contentment he sleeps and inside the room there is peace. Finally a moment of rest.

“Why Don’t You Write Me?” (Simon & Garfunkel: 1970)

It seems I have abandoned this blog for a few months! It has been an incredibly busy few months, and I kept promising myself to take the time out for myself and write more (whether for this blog, or poetry and the likes for myself).  Obviously this didn’t quite happen, but some other things did instead….